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IMC: Immortality Coin

IMC is new 100% PoS based crypto-currency in early stage of development.
But you can already pre-purchase some of it for yet really low price. You can do so on counterparty.io by purchasing IMCA asset which you can exchange 1:1 to IMC and back.

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1 410 early adopters have 244 259 759 IMC in total with average 467 931 IMC per account

Total: 23 000 000 000 IMC

IMC is chance for your future immorality.
You can earn them by promoting immortality research thru Life or Death android app, or can purchase them for cash or Bitcoins.
You can also just sell them for money if you currently need cash more that immortality.

Idea behind them: everything we do or say online currently recorded and stored forever.
In future - hopefully in our lifetime will be available tech for life extension. First such tech of course will be available for rich ones, but then, probably to some chosen ones who can't pay - and criteria of selection can be based on previous (current time) history of what this person do - do they support life extension, do nothing or was against it...

So owning IMC will be indicator of pro position on life extension.
Also current price of IMC is really low but more people will be aware, more they will want immortality - higher will be price, because total quantity of coins is limited.

IMC is 100% Proof of stake based crypto-currency like Next Coin, but different in many aspects.
Why PoS is better that PoW:
- No risk of 51% attack from pools and PoS don't need pools at all
- It's green - no need for massive amounts of hashing power like Bitcoin and altcoins do
- transparent mining allow fast and effective processing
Why IMC is better that Next Coin:
- IMC initial distribution is way more fair - in case of NXT - all coins was sold to mere 73 original stakeholders at really nominal price less that $21 000. IMC already more that 500 early adopters, but they have just fraction of total coins. In about 10 years IMC will be donated to Radical Life Extension research.
- purchasing IMC you indirectly donate to important people and researches which will help humanity at whole
- IMC is cloud friendly - you can run client-server on cloud 24/7 for free and mint coins any time
- IMC is more protected - you need password to send coins, but can mint them without it
- You can send IMC with encrypted message which can be decrypted only by receiver

Even more features:
- Distributed exhange
- in blockchain programming language like proposed by ethereum.org

Good - though really conservative video about healthspan life extension.
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